Iria Consulting and Coaching

Strategic Business Consulting for fashion companies and Transformational Coaching for professionals.


I help businesses become more efficient, connected, and sustainable by providing ad hoc solutions and real-world change strategies.


I help professionals and leaders overcome inner limitations, step into their full potential, and achieve their next level of success.

Hi, I'm Oriana

I’m a fashion executive, and FULLY QUALIFIED transformational coach for businesses, professionals and leaders.

Portrait Oriana

I'm Oriana Cirocco. I have emerged into consulting from a 20 years Executive career in Luxury Fashion that has seen me work for household names across a number of geographies.

I now work with companies and individuals going through some of the challenges I know so well in a macro context that more than even calls for a new leadership paradigm, innovative solutions, and a fresh mindset.


I came to Oriana with a general feeling of discontentment about my job and a knee-jerk reaction to explore exit options. Oriana helped me uncover the driving forces behind my doubts. Together, we shaped a plan to communicate with my managers and negotiate a more rewarding and higher-paid role very successfully. I'm abundantly grateful for her guidance and insight.


VP, Investment Fund

I absolutely loved my coaching sessions with Oriana . They were extremely useful and pleasant. Oriana made me gain a new perspective on many important areas of my life. It was very energizing to get clarity on what my issues were, and what I could do about them.


Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

I had tried couple of trial session with Oriana to understand if coaching was the right approach for me, and since then I've been coaching with her on regular basis. I find our sessions very useful. I get a lot of support and tangible results by working with Oriana and she helps me discover new ways of managing stressful situations in both private and work life. I definitely recommend working with her. Although we are all ultimately responsible of our own well -being, having the appropriate support makes a huge difference.


BRAND Consultant